August 19, 2017

Windows XP Update Problem

Mr. Holzman,

I’m sure you’re very busy, but I really need some assistance and would appreciate any you could give. I have a Windows XP Pro update problem: I go to the Windows Update link from Windows XP or type into my web browser, the page is blank and IE shows “Done” in the bottom-left corner. Am I having a viral problem or is this something wrong with XP? If it’s XP, how do I fix it without completely rebuilding the PC?

Thanks in advance,

M. K.

Hi M.K,

If it is stuck at 0% on the Windows Update site , you have some issues with settings in your Internet Explorer.

One of the most often recurring problem/solution is:

Open Internet Explorer Tools Internet Options Connections tab

Click on LAN Settings Uncheck the Automatically detect settings

Make sure no other settings on this screen are enabled.

That alone likely fixes this problem. If not, there are several more things to look at.

For purposes of running Windows Updates — because these are making changes to the Windows modules — you must be logged on as Administrator or a member of the Administrators group. Are you using a firewall ? which one? and did you check all its settings? If using Sygate, you may want to exit it, before going to Windows Update.

Are you using Norton Internet Security 2002 ?

Also recheck the settings in your Antivirus program. Insure it is not blocking all scripts & ActiveX used by MS. You may be using a suite like Norton Symantec Security and the settings are way, way too high — for this site.

The Update site uses Javascript , VB Script, and ActiveX controls. The point is to not block those capabilities. Thus you are highly encouraged to recheck all your settings (all sections) in Internet Explorer.

Tools>Internet Options.

AND to make sure your security suite does not prevent running the Windows Update widgets.

Take a close look at Windows Update log file : here you should find the pc’s log. %WINDIR%Windows Update.log . (Note that’s the log in Windows XP ).

For example, C:WindowsWindows Update.log Scroll down to the very end for last transactions.

Post back a copy of that day’s (the last run) into your reply.

Have you recently or ever, “disabled” some Windows Services?

General tips on Windows Updates “connectivity” & to get downloads going: Internet Explorer > main menu /Tools/Internet Options/General Tab/Delete Files.

Then in Security Tab, try lowering your security setting—for purposes of using Windows Update. You may also consider adding “” to the list of “Trusted sites”. Security Tab/ click on green icon Trusted Sites/click Sites button, add & apply change(s).

That 1 step can really help out.

You might want to recheck all your settings in Internet Explorer. Mine is a stand-alone pc. I.E. Tools >Internet Options > Connections Tab > LAN Settings button>

All the items under Automatic configuration AND proxy server are UN-CHECKED. On the Advanced TAB — scroll and review all your settings.

These are “some” of the items that I do have CHECKed (selected): Use HTTP 1.1 and under Security :

Use SSL 2.0

Use SSL 3.0

Use TLS 1.0

Go to Windows Update site using the HTTPS protocol access — directly from I.E. browser

Mr. Holzman,

Man, you are the best. We have been racking our brains trying to figure out this problem. We’ve even been doing factory restores on PCs to get them to work. After un-checking the options to automatically detect settings and use a proxy server, everything works fine. I appreciate your taking the time to help.

By the way, I saw your book advertised on your site. Do you know if it is available from Barnes and Noble? I am definitely looking into buying it.

Anyway, thanks so much for your assistance. You’ve been a great help.


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