July 25, 2017

Telehouse To Host Security Boot Camp

Telehouse America, with co-hosts ADVA Optical Networking, CIBER, IBM, and OCG, announced BOOT CAMP @ TELEHOUSE Center workshop on March 31st. The event will be held at TELEHOUSE’s headquarters at The Teleport in Staten Island, New York.

Industry experts from ADVA, CIBER, IBM, OCG, and Telehouse will present insider views aiming to remove the mystery about network security, preparations to keep data flowing over a network in critical situations, and how convergence plays a role.

ADVA Optical Networking plans to take attendees inside the true ins and outs of planning and securing networks when lighting them. They will show how to select and employ the best applications designed for dedicated and shared optical connectivity, SANS on MANS, and achieving savings with single-location storage connectivity. Additionally, ADVA will touch on where business continuity fits in at this stage.

The points IBM will address include building in vital disaster recovery components to secure network integrity and data flow to/from remote sites, metrics for recovery time and recovery point objectives, plus Asynchronous vs. Synchronous solutions.

Also on the agenda is an exploration of some essential basic technologies in a disaster recovery solution — network data transport techniques, remote disk copy solutions, like IBM’s global mirror and metro global mirror, SAN Volume Controller hardware virtualization for backup and recovery, and business recovery cluster solutions for mainframe, AIX, and windows implementations.

CIBER, Inc. plans to address the key elements enterprise owners need to focus on when bringing network and enterprise resources together. Using the experience compiled from their global practice, CIBER will make the case for using an experienced, diverse systems and network integrator to manage the enterprise today. They will illustrate why this is more crucial and beneficial as voice and data converge and content delivery to IP-based devices is about to expand exponentially.

Privately held, New York-based OCG’s segment will offer insights to issues impacting telecoms now that affect you, underlying factors that led to a new underground dark fiber loop bypassing Manhattan and this network’s impact on security, diversity, voice and data convergence, enterprises, and data transport, and questions that avoid costly broadband continuity and security losses.

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