July 25, 2017

Survey: Only 39% Of The Disk Capacity Is Used For Primary Data

A population of over one thousand IT sites with 340 petabytes of disk storage and 782 petabytes of nearline tape storage were surveyed and questioned on their backup and archiving practices and plans.

ATA based systems represented forty percent of total disk capacity. While the average tape to disk capacity ratio is 2.30, it may come as a surprise to find out that one-third of the sites have less nearline tape storage than disk storage. Only 39% of the disk capacity is used for primary data.

This report updates a one-year old study on the same topic, with additional emphasis given this year on market segmentation, disk utilization, and data tiers.

Secondary disk plays an increasingly important role in backing up corporate data. The population using disk in backup has grown to 62% and is forecast to reach 76% penetration by 2005. A much larger share of the backed up data resides on disk. With the increased utilization of disk for backup, there is a growing interest in backing up in file format.

The users rank reliability and integrity at the top of their concerns, followed by performance issues related to backup speed and restore time.

Snapshot is used by over one-third of the sites and is forecast to experience a healthy growth in the next 12 months, particularly in the mid-size IT operations.

The volume of data archived nearline has significantly increased since last year and is expected to grow again in 2005. Though cost is always thought to be the most important factor in archiving, it ranks third in the selection criteria after data retrieve performance and scalability. Charts showing these results and many others are available in the full report.

HSM is only used by a small percentage of the population today, but its utilization will more than double within the next two years; the major growth is foreseen in small and medium businesses.

Ten industries were targeted in this report: Finance/banking, Health, Manufacturing, Retail Distribution, Government, Education, Consulting, Transportation, Media/Entertainment, and Telecommunications. The survey reveals interesting peculiarities in each industry practices and requirements.

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