July 25, 2017

SpreadFireFox Spreading the Spam

The open source wonder known as Firefox has been feeling the love of the hacker community. The PR oriented website for the browser known as SpreadFirefox got hacked by spammer looking for a way in.

Mozilla created Firefox and a number of other programs as open source alternatives to industry monolith Microsoft. Firefox enjoys extraordinary success as each month, it chips away a little at the Internet Explorer (IE) dominance. Firefox is now up to 8.71% of the total browser market. Still fractional compared to IE but still very respectable.

The problem Firefox runs into is a growing problem of sorts. As their market share increases, so will their problems with hackers and other interested idiots. Many Internet users see Firefox as a great alternative to those who don’t like IE. As that market share continues to grow (which it has done at a consistent pace), more individuals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities they may find will appear. Many of the same problems IE has with various types of scams and phishing expeditions, will eventually show up on Firefox.

Many fans of Firefox may say it won’t happen to me or my browser and that’s fine, keep believing that. It will happen though, eventually. It most likely won’t be teenagers playing oneupsmanship, it will be “marketing” firms looking to supplant their way into one’s computer. It will be purely for financial gain.

The Spreadfirefox problem happened when some spammers cracked the site and were looking to being a spam deluge. The problem this could really have for Mozilla is a perception issue. Some feel that this issue wasn’t a tremendous problems as hacking issues go, it does show that anyone is vulnerable and this is the second time this year a Mozilla product has been hacked.

As this browser’s following continues to grow, more attacks are inevitable.

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