August 19, 2017

Intrusion Prevention 101

May 3, 2001 Tom Germain

Intrusion Prevention 101

Reducing a computer’s vulnerability to hackers is much like using anti-theft devices and common sense to guard against your car being broken into. […]

Wireless LAN, Man

April 18, 2001 Jay Fougere

First, let me explain that the wireless LAN technology that I am referring to is radio based, not Infra-Red (IR) or Microwave. The IR version requires “line of sight”, as does the microwave version, which I consider to be a major drawback. […]

Basic ADO/SQL Tutorial (The Nitty-Gritty)

March 20, 2001 Steven Smith

To begin, you will need a machine on which you can test some sample scripts. The easiest way to accomplish this if you haven’t already done so is to download ASP from Microsoft and install it with PWS on your Win95 or WinNT box. There are plenty of resources available for describing how to do this, so I won’t waste any more time on it. […]

Your Site: Hackers Welcome Here?

February 26, 2001 Jay Fougere

In our last issue, we discussed some of the basics for securing a machine on a network. The tactics that were mentioned are great for a first line of defense and will prevent a majority of attacks. In this issue, we will look a little closer at some of the most common TCP/IP ports that are used, the services that are generally run on these ports and what this means to you. […]

Windows XP Safe and Secure?

January 17, 2001 Richard Lowe Jr.

Microsoft has come under fire lately because of their habit of releasing software which has serious flaws, most especially problems with security. Unfortunately the criticism is justified and verges on the criminal: flaws (implementation bugs as well as just plain silly design decisions) have resulted in literally tens of billions of dollars in damage and losses worldwide. […]

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