July 26, 2017

Oracle vs. SQL Server: An Issue of Complexity

July 9, 2001 Eran Sandler

Software is only as complicated as its developers make it. It seems like a very profound sentence but it is so true and it is relevant to all commercial software that I know of. Let’s take a test case of a certain piece of software most of us have probably encountered. I’m talking about SQL server. I am warning you in advance that I’m going to kick some Oracle butt, because they really [explitive deleted -Jay] me off a few days ago. Don’t take it personally. […]

ADO connection performance test

June 28, 2001 Robbe D. Morris

Does one ADO methodology fit all situations? I have seen many developers use a variety of different methods in regards to creating ADO connections and recordsets in an attempt to optimize performance. These range from putting ADO connection objects in Application and Session variables and reusing the open connection for all of their pages to creating one ADO connection per page. And of course, everything else in between. […]

Web Services – server to server with soap

June 26, 2001 Robbe D. Morris

We just recently opted to make EggHeadCafe.com’s content library available via a web service. This would allow other web sites to include our links and potentially generate more traffic to the site. So, we needed an efficient way to allow others to access our data with the least amount of strain on our servers. Naturally, the topic of using a SOAP web service came up and turned out to be the most logical choice. […]

how to run an asp page with parameters from sql server

June 21, 2001 Peter Bromberg

Usually we use an ASP page with Javascript or VBScript inside it to either get data from, or put data into SQL Server. However, from time to time you wish you could run that favorite, most useful ASP page that you’ve written that does all those great things and instead have something that happens in SQL Server cause the call to the page. […]

Building a Customizable Server-Side Cached Scrolling XML Newsfeed Display

May 29, 2001 Peter Bromberg

At EggheadCafe.com, we have resources that are added on a daily basis – both by member visitors and by the staff. These resources are searchable and are broken down by categories such as Hotlinks, Articles, Tips & Tricks, etc. Each evening , we have a script that’s kicked off by the NT Scheduler service at a time when traffic is normally low, that scours our resource database for the most recent items in each category. […]

Adaptive Testing

May 28, 2001 MC MCSE

Please note that Microsoft has developed another new testing format that is a mixture of the adaptive and fixed length formats. To see which tests have been affected, go to the “info” section of the site. For more information about the new testing format, visit Wang Wei’s tutorial. […]

efficient xml

May 15, 2001 Peter Bromberg

I regard myself as a particularly fortunate “XML Dude”: About a year ago, I determined that, regardless of the amount of time I had in the day, and regardless of the fact that the company I worked for at the time had virtually no vision as to what XML could do to help solve their problems, I was going to spend some time — for ME — each evening, studying this new technology and learning how to use it. […]

apache tricks

May 8, 2001 IT Writer

Apache, the most popular web server on earth, is distributed with a large number of modules, some of which are included by default when you compile the package, and some which aren’t. One of those that you can optionally compile is mod_vhost_alias, which I find particularly useful. It’s been available since Apache version 1.3.7. […]

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