July 26, 2017

Displaying XML in an HTML Browser

August 28, 2001 IT Writer

Those of you who have been reading DevNewz for a few months already know that XML is one of the greatest things to come along. It is, therefore, ironic that the very features of XML which give it its strength and versatility also make it impractical for use as a Web authoring language: most mainstream browsers don’t know what to do with it. This will change. Before you know it, every Web browser on the planet will be able to handle XML just fine, but for now we must live with those that are equipped to deal with HTML. […]

Temporary Tables With MySQL

August 17, 2001

If you have had problems with MySQL not supporting functionality like sub selects this short article might be of interest for you. This article will explain how to use temporary tables with MySQL.

The juice […]

Wireless LAN

August 1, 2001 Jay Fougere

To bring those of you up to date on how WLAN technology works, let me give a brief overview. The version of WLAN that I am referring to is radio wave based and defined by IEEE 802.11b. […]

Why Active Directory?

July 26, 2001 Jay Fougere

Many Windows NT Administrators are reluctant to upgrade to Windows 2000. What additional functionality does Windows 2000 offer over Windows NT? The answer to this can be summed up in two words: Active Directory. […]

Pulling a list of Unique Values from XML

July 10, 2001 Peter Bromberg

When you have to work with HTML controls in a web-based application, 100% of which are populated and whose properties are set via dynamically-generated XSL transformations at runtime, you get to be pretty inventive. And one of the first things you learn is how NOT to “reinvent the wheel”. That is to say, if there is an example somewhere or some existing code that you can borrow from or re-use, there is “no shame and no blame”. […]

Oracle vs. SQL Server – an Issue of Complexity

July 9, 2001 Eran Sandler

Software is only as complicated as its developers make it.

It seems like a very profound sentence but it is so true and it is relevant to all commercial software that I know of. Let’s take a test case of a certain piece of software most of us have probably encountered. […]

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