July 25, 2017

Consumers Should Protect Their Email Address As They Do Their Social Security Number

Houston-based Zeal Internet Services Inc. is helping consumers fight annoying and intrusive spam, pop-up ads and porn with ZealMail.

ZealMail employs aggressive anti-spam removal technology to block 99.7 percent of junk mail.

“Consumers are unknowingly responsible for perpetuating spam by not practicing an e-mail safety regimen,” said Stefan Ford, CEO and president, Zeal Internet Services Inc. “Consumers should protect their e-mail address as they do their social security number,” he said.

To minimize spam, Ford suggests the following e-mail safety tips:

1) keep two e-mail accounts — one for private or professional usage (a ZealMail account) used with trusted contacts and a second address for public accounts such as newsgroups and chat rooms;

2) use the blind copy address feature when sending mail to multiple recipients;

3) do not reply or click to be removed from a list unless from a trusted sender; and

4) never open obvious spam e-mails because the spam e-mail is being monitored by the spammer to confirm a valid e-mail address.

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