July 26, 2017

Email Password Hackers Present Real Threat

September 8, 2009 Doug Caverly

The next time you have something really important to tell someone, consider whether a drive over to his or her house wouldn’t be a nice way of spending a few minutes. One reporter has found that it’s quite easy (and perhaps all too common) for people to buy email accounts’ passwords from hackers. […]

Conficker Remains On The Threat Radar

August 27, 2009 Doug Caverly

The Conficker worm didn’t bring about a virtual apocalypse on April 1st, and for that, the security community was thankful. Yet at the same time, Conficker didn’t commit hara-kiri or disappear, and it’s continued to spread and pose a threat to this day. […]

Report Warns Of Oil Rig Hacking

August 26, 2009 Doug Caverly

If North Korean scientists, nerdy members of the Earth Liberation Front, or some other forces decide to disrupt the oil supply, they might need little more than a computer to pull off the stunt. A Norwegian research group has indicated that offshore oil rigs are becoming increasingly vulnerable to hacking. […]

McAfee Highlights Danger Of Celebrity-Related Searches

August 25, 2009 Doug Caverly

People who insist on following the lives of celebrities (and particularly, attractive female ones) should be careful. McAfee’s compiled a list of the most dangerous celebs to search for, and the report, which includes a lot of familiar names, also outlines some scary threats. […]

Budget Cuts Spell Bad News For Security

July 27, 2009 Doug Caverly

In most conflicts, the winning side is the one that’s better-funded. Medieval knights in pricey armor could mop up any number of peasants, for example, and America’s modern bombers were able to take out most of Saddam’s planes before they even got off the ground. Unfortunately, then, it makes sense that budget cuts are hurting security professionals. […]

DOD Prohibits Removable Storage Devices To Stop Worm

November 21, 2008 Doug Caverly

“Lockdown” must be the Department of Defense’s middle name. As a worm seems to be making its way through the military’s computers, the DOD has responded by banning flash drives, CDs, and just about everything else that can store data and be moved from one machine to another. […]

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