May 29, 2017

Apple to switch to Itanium says columnist

March 21, 2003 the INQUIRER

IT’S THE MARK OF A GOOD April fools day joke that there might just be a grain of truth in it. So when PC Magazine’s columnist John C. Dvorak says that Itanium will be the next Apple processor, where do you turn? It could all be hokum but then again… […]

The Joys of Wireless Local Loop

March 21, 2003

WiFi, or 801.22b as it was called until common sense prevailed, took the world by surprise, and Wireless Local Loop or WLL, looks set to do the same. It is hard for new technologies to establish themselves in the telecoms world, especially during a telecoms slump, but WiFi managed it and WLL is likely to do the same, for some of the same reasons. So what is it? […]

WinTel trips on Linux?

March 21, 2003 the INQUIRER

AS A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE the WinTel alliance used to work pretty well. Intel lived up to Moore’s Law by building ever larger and more complex chips, while Microsoft executed Gate’s Law by churning out ever more bloated and serially incompatible versions of its software. […]

E-mail worm pretends to have spy satellite images

March 21, 2003

A new e-mail worm has surfaced that purports to show screensavers of U.S. spy satellite pictures of Iraq or animations that are either patriotic or that mock President Bush, a computer security company warned Thursday. The worm, dubbed Ganda-A, spreads by sending itself to e-mail addresses on an infected machine and tries to disable anti-virus and other security software and infect certain files on the hard disk, according to Sophos. […]

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