July 26, 2017

Passwords in XP and Windows Logon UI Error Message

March 23, 2004 Carey Holzman

Hi There,

I hope you can help me. Anytime I get a box on my screen asking if I would like Windows to remember the password for whatever I am dealing with and I click yes it never does, whether this is for my e-bay account or anything at all. Also if I am in e-bay and I have typed in a product to search for then surely the next time I type the same thing in the word should be finished for me, but it’s not! I believe that this problem occurred when I downloaded a new connection kit for freeserve last year. I am no longer with freeserve however.

Thank you very much

P. G. […]

Python in Systems Administration: Part I — Better Scripting

February 24, 2004 Cameron Laird

One well-honed item in every sys admin’s toolbox is a preferred scripting language — maybe sh, or ksh, or Perl, or something more unusual, like Rexx or Ruby. I find Python so capable and easy to learn that in my consulting role at Phaseit, I tell newcomers it’s the best single language they can learn. Python spans a wider range of applications than any other language I know — even more than C or Java — and beginners pick it up quickly. […]

Windows Logon UI Error + Ad Aware & Spybot

February 17, 2004 Carey Holzman


I booted up my PC this morning and received an interesting little greeting that reads as follows: “Windows logon UI has encountered a problem and needed to close”. It gave me the option to send a report to MS, which I selected to do so. The error continues to return immediately regardless of whatever selection I make. Other than having to move the annoying message box, the error doesn’t appear to have hindered my ability to use my PC….. but how do I fix the problem? What is a Logon UI? […]

MacOSX lookupd and NetInfo

February 17, 2004 A.P. Lawrence

Changing Name Resolution Order

Name resolution is how your system figures out the actual IP address for host.xyz.com (and vice-versa). For most Unix systems, that function is provided by “named” and the configuration files are /etc/resolv.conf, named.conf, and perhaps nsswitch.conf. While you’ll find a resolv.conf and even a named.conf on Mac OS X, you won’t find named in the process list. Instead, MacOSX has a neat resolver capability controlled by “lookupd”. […]

Microsoft’s Services For Unix

February 10, 2004 A.P. Lawrence

Gosh, you’d never expect me to say something pleasant about a Windows machine, would you? Well, actually that’s not entirely true: I’ve been known to grudgingly admit that while it isn’t Unix, Windows XP Professional really isn’t awful. In fact, if you can live without Unixy stuff at your beck and call, Windows XP is pretty good – there are even things I actually LIKE about it. […]

Lost Root Password (Linux)

February 9, 2004 A.P. Lawrence

I have a very good memory. I remember most of my client’s passwords (there are a few I forget regularly for no reason that I can understand, but I really do know most), I remember telephone numbers, and of course I know my own passwords. That last isn’t as easy as it might sound, because I have quite a few different systems and each has its own password, but though I might use the wrong one now and then, I’ll get it on the second or third try. […]

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