July 26, 2017

Windows XP Update Problem

April 21, 2004 Carey Holzman

Mr. Holzman,

I’m sure you’re very busy, but I really need some assistance and would appreciate any you could give. I have a Windows XP Pro update problem: I go to the Windows Update link from Windows XP or type windowsupdate.microsoft.com into my web browser, the page is blank and IE shows “Done” in the bottom-left corner. Am I having a viral problem or is this something wrong with XP? If it’s XP, how do I fix it without completely rebuilding the PC?

Thanks in advance,

M. K. […]

The Best Parts of Panther

April 6, 2004 Jon Gales

Now that a good bit of the Mac population has Panther, I thought it would be a good time to go over what I like most about the new OS. If you have a differing opinion, let me know. […]

Undeleting Files / Windows XP Can’t Initialize Driver

March 31, 2004 Carey Holzman

Hi, Carey.

I work at a small private christian school where I am responsible for our website. Last Tuesday, I changed a page. When I got back to work on Thursday, the My Webs folder that is usually in My Documents was completely gone – along with my website files. I thought someone might have deleted it by mistake, but it was not in the recycle bin. I know I did not delete it. How could it just “disappear” without a trace? Is there a way to put it back? […]

Automating Tasks in Linux using Cron

March 26, 2004 Vinu Thomas

Linux has a powerful task scheduler called Cron. Cron will allow you to run commands automatically at times specified by you. Cron is similar to the task scheduler you find in Windows. To keep track of the schedules and tasks it has to run, Cron requires a file called Crontab (CRON TABle). All the Cron schedules and tasks should be stored in this table. The Crontab files cannot be directly edited. You can add or delete entries in the crontab file using the crontab command. […]

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