July 26, 2017

Windows 2000 Terminal Services

December 5, 2001 MC MCSE

Terminal Services is a centralized computing architecture that lets users execute Windows-based applications on a remote Windows 2000 server. Previously, a special edition of NT 4.0 called Terminal Services Edition had to be installed to gain this functionality. […]

Using the Windows 2000 Adminpak and Support Tools

November 29, 2001 Jay Fougere

Included with Windows 2000 Server products is a utility known as “adminpak” which allows you to administer your Windows 2000 network from a Windows 2000 Professional machine that is located on the network (assuming you have permissions in Active Directory to do so; this is not a backdoor for crackers). […]

Wireless LAN

August 1, 2001 Jay Fougere

To bring those of you up to date on how WLAN technology works, let me give a brief overview. The version of WLAN that I am referring to is radio wave based and defined by IEEE 802.11b. […]

Why Active Directory?

July 26, 2001 Jay Fougere

Many Windows NT Administrators are reluctant to upgrade to Windows 2000. What additional functionality does Windows 2000 offer over Windows NT? The answer to this can be summed up in two words: Active Directory. […]

Adaptive Testing

May 28, 2001 MC MCSE

Please note that Microsoft has developed another new testing format that is a mixture of the adaptive and fixed length formats. To see which tests have been affected, go to the “info” section of the site. For more information about the new testing format, visit Wang Wei’s tutorial. […]

Wireless LAN, Man

April 18, 2001 Jay Fougere

First, let me explain that the wireless LAN technology that I am referring to is radio based, not Infra-Red (IR) or Microwave. The IR version requires “line of sight”, as does the microwave version, which I consider to be a major drawback. […]

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