July 26, 2017

Exchange upgrades can deliver significant ROI

May 13, 2004 Tom Pisello

One of the core utilities IT provides to an organization is messaging services, including e-mail, calendaring, task management and collaboration. This utility is surprisingly expensive, especially if the organization runs prior-generation e-mail platforms. A typical Microsoft Exchange 5.5 solution has direct costs of more than $350 per user, per year, including hardware, software, IT operations, support and administration, and overhead. Older versions of same generation e-mail solutions like IBM Lotus Notes are similarly expensive. […]

Fundamentals of Web Site Acceleration Part 2

May 6, 2004

Cache Control

What Is Caching? How Does It Apply to the Web?

Caching is a well-known concept in computer science: when programs continually access the same set of instructions, a massive performance benefit can be realized by storing those instructions in RAM. This prevents the program from having to access the disk thousands or even millions of times during execution by quickly retrieving them from RAM. Caching on the Web is similar in that it avoids a roundtrip to the origin Web server each time a resource is requested and instead retrieves the file from a local computer’s browser cache or a proxy cache closer to the user. […]

Protecting Your Software Investment in Case of a Merger or Acquisition

May 3, 2004 Eileen Strider

Critical work in your organization is directly tied to the fate of your software vendors. So when PeopleSoft buys J.D. Edwards or Oracle attempts a hostile takeover of PeopleSoft, you are understandably nervous. Your nervousness usually does not stem from your love of PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards or Oracle, but because the future of the software products you use everyday to run your business is now questionable at best and in jeopardy at worst. The potential buyers reassure you with promises of long term support and future product enhancements. But would you bet your own money on these promises? […]

Use Wrappers and Proxies for Basic Web Services Tracking

April 29, 2004 Uche Ogbuji

Some commercial Web services software provides sophisticated Web services accounting features, recording details of Web services transactions recognized on the wire. But sometimes developers need accounting that is more modular, much more basic, and available on a shoestring. This article explains how to use advanced function composition tasks to add basic Web services monitoring capabilities. […]

Measuring the value of HR solutions

April 27, 2004 Tom Pisello

The best way to build broad endorsement — and gain financial approval — for new investments in HR solutions is to build a comprehensive business case that pinpoints all costs, potential benefits, and even project risks. This goes deeper than the simple calculation of ROI = net benefits/total costs, and ultimately, acts as a management tool to ensure that the project stays on course. […]

Selecting New IT Leaders

April 22, 2004 Paul Glen

One of the great privileges and responsibilities of leadership is identifying and training the next generation of managers and leaders. Somewhere in between crisis management, contract negotiations, internal politics, status monitoring and your myriad other tasks, you should spend a few moments considering the future leadership of your organization. […]

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