July 26, 2017

Getting to Done

June 17, 2004 Paul Glen

I’m frequently called upon to help figure out what to do with a project that might be in trouble. Of course, determining whether a project is in trouble is often not a trivial problem. We like to talk about troubled projects as if there were a single bit that visibly flipped from one to zero, but unfortunately it’s not that easy. While the symptoms presented vary widely, there are a few questions that I always ask to help determine whether the project is indeed in trouble. Some questions are deceptively simple with surprisingly subtle answers. Perhaps the most important is, “How will you know when you’re done?” […]

CCNA 640-801 Certification Primer

June 17, 2004 Seema Kannan

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification is meant for career enhancement as well as gaining knowledge of the LAN/WAN technologies currently available for implementation. Hence, CCNA Certification can be obtained by IT professionals who have been a part of the industry for a considerable time and are interested in furthering their career in terms of role enhancement and salary. Individuals who are beginning their career and want to move towards LAN/WAN management may also pursue the certification, as it is a basic level certification and there are no prerequisites. […]

Does RFID equal ROI?

June 10, 2004 Tom Pisello

The promise of RFID is the dream of every supply chain manager — enabling the accurate real-time tracking of every single product, from manufacture to checkout. Compared to universal product code (UPC) bar coding, which it promises to replace, RFID proactively transmits information, eliminating the manual point-and-read operations needed with bar coding. This enhanced visibility could result in significant decreases in warehouse, distribution and inventory costs, increases in margins and enhancements in customer service. […]

Information Architecture: A Rose by Any Other Name…

June 7, 2004 Lynn Stott

As more web practitioners have assumed the title of Information Architect to describe the work they do, and as more information architects (and user experience designers and user interface designers and information designers) are multitasking on reduced staffs, information architects have uncovered a wide range of ways to view both the practice and ourselves practicing. Unfortunately, a common response to this multiplicity has been to reiterate certain narrow definitions of information architecture, to impatiently seek consensus, and to view with suspicion those who don’t fit. […]

Evaluating ROI for Anti-spam Initiatives

May 27, 2004 Tom Pisello

Nearly 36% of all e-mail messages received today are spam, according to a recent NetIQ study of 750 small and large organizations worldwide. That’s a 6-fold increase over the past three years. The issue has reached such epidemic proportions that if its growth goes unabated, it can potentially ruin the utility and business value of e-mail. […]

All about the new SCMAD Certification Exam

The mobile market is envisioned as the next technological wave by leading industry experts. With approximately 150 million mobile phones – roughly 3 times the user base as that of desktop computers – it might well be the case. Due to the fragmented nature of the mobile market, with various manufacturers competing to get their share of the pie, Java is once again poised to be the best programming language for the mobile market with its Write Once, Run Anywhere technology. […]

What We Have to Fear

May 21, 2004 Paul Glen

Lately I’ve had a troubling sense that there is a cancer growing in IT departments these days. No, I’m not talking about constrained budgets, poor alignment, hiring freezes or project failures. I’m not even talking about the growth of outsourcing and offshoring. While these issues are all real, there seems to be something even more toxic eating away at our industry. What could possibly be more threatening to IT staffs than offshoring? Fear of offshoring. […]

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