July 26, 2017

Measuring Application Performance

February 12, 2002 Vincent Perrier

When considering a benchmark to determine the overall performance of a Java application, bear in mind that bytecode execution, native code execution, and graphics each play a role. Their impact varies depending on the nature of the specific application: what the application does, how much of it is bytecode versus native code, and how much use it makes of graphics. How well a JVM will perform for a given application depends on how the unique mix of these three functional areas maps onto its capabilities. Given these variables, the best way to benchmark a JVM is against your own application. Since that´s not possible before the application has been written, you must find those benchmarks that are most relevant to the application you intend to write. […]

Top Skills Your IT Workers Should Possess

December 3, 2001 Jay Fougere

1). A willingness to learn
IT is an ever evolving field. What was common practice six months or a year ago is not necessarily the best way to complete the task at hand now. Encourage your staff to read. Most good IT people will rarely be caught without a book; or at least documentation that they have downloaded and are looking at on their computer. Try to allocate some time to your staff so that they can stay abreast of issues pertaining to their area(s) of expertise. […]

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