July 26, 2017

Outsourcing IT Development: Advantages and Disadvantages

November 25, 2003 Basil Tesler

You can outsource almost anything. Maybe you don’t know it yet, but it’s true. A couple of days ago, when I was drinking coffee in the kitchen, my wife pointed at the faucet that was leaking big time. The good ole faucet was there when we moved in about ten years ago, and trying to fix it again didn’t make sense any more. Since I religiously believe in DIY, I bought a new faucet and set about working. When the old faucet was gone, I found out the metal pipe under the sink had to be replaced, too. There was no way I could do it without recourse to welding. I realized I was ready to outsource that part of the project, so I called the plumber. […]

PHP, XML and XSL for Wireless Content

November 24, 2003 Jason Lam

This article is another illustration of why using PHP with XSL to transform XML data to various presentation layers is beneficial. With that being said this article will demonstrate how to present the same data to several different wireless technologies using PHP and XSL, instead of an article completely focused on PHP and XSL. […]

Mobile Stock Quote Tracker

November 17, 2003 Dipal Choksi

We will create a mobile stock quote tracker program in this article. The program retrieves the real time quotes of symbols specified by the user and displays the results in a user friendly format. The user can also specify the high and low thresholds for setting alerts. The View Stock Alerts screen displays the stocks that have crossed above the high threshold and stocks that have values below the low threshold.

The stock symbols selected by the user are stored in a simple MS Access database containing a single table “tblStk”

Here is the data structure of tblStk […]

Shell Commands within C#

November 17, 2003 Dipal Choksi

In this article we will examine a few examples for executing shell commands outside of our program using C#. In VB.Net, we can make use of the familiar Shell command to run an executable program. However the Shell function is not available in C#. The Process Class provides access to local and remote processes and enables you to start and stop local system processes. […]

On User-Defined Timezones in PHP


PHP provides some nice date manipulation functions that work very well in combination with each other. However, they only handle dealing with the server’s timezone. Adding the feature for shifting dates to a user-defined timezone can be a very unpleasant experience, as we know first hand. In this article, we discuss the problems we encountered, and present our solution.
Introduction […]

How to develop JavaServer Pages

October 24, 2003 Joel Murach

The Email List application

This topic introduces you to a simple web application that consists of one HTML page and one JavaServer Page, or JSP. Once you get the general idea of how this application works, you’ll be ready to learn the specific skills that you need for developing JSPs. […]

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