July 26, 2017

Building a Customizable Server-Side Cached Scrolling XML Newsfeed Display

May 29, 2001 Peter Bromberg

At EggheadCafe.com, we have resources that are added on a daily basis – both by member visitors and by the staff. These resources are searchable and are broken down by categories such as Hotlinks, Articles, Tips & Tricks, etc. Each evening , we have a script that’s kicked off by the NT Scheduler service at a time when traffic is normally low, that scours our resource database for the most recent items in each category. […]

efficient xml

May 15, 2001 Peter Bromberg

I regard myself as a particularly fortunate “XML Dude”: About a year ago, I determined that, regardless of the amount of time I had in the day, and regardless of the fact that the company I worked for at the time had virtually no vision as to what XML could do to help solve their problems, I was going to spend some time — for ME — each evening, studying this new technology and learning how to use it. […]

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