July 25, 2017

Calpine Purchased and Deploys Peribit Sequence Reducers

Peribit Networks announced today that Calpine has purchased and deployed Peribit Sequence Reducers. Calpine’s WAN optimization initiative, which included Peribit equipment, enabled Calpine to save $3.5 million per year in communications costs, providing a four-month ROI, and increase application performance by replacing its frame relay service with a WAN VPN service.

Calpine operates more than 90 power plants in North America and had linked them to their data centers via a frame relay network. The company realized it could reduce operating costs by moving to WAN VPN service; however, the VPN encryption would add 30 percent more overhead to the WAN traffic and reduce the performance of the company’s business-critical ERP, document management, and e-mail applications.

To achieve the performance boost needed, Calpine deployed Peribit technology. As a result, Calpine successfully moved to the WAN VPN service, while achieving a 250 percent performance boost and simultaneously delivering better application performance than the old frame relay connections.

“We are constantly searching for ways to improve application performance and cut costs,” said Sean Curry, communications engineering manager at Calpine. “Using Molecular Sequence Reduction technology enabled us to move from frame relay to VPN services, which cut our WAN service costs by more than 75 percent.”

Calpine tested several products, and found that the Sequence Reducers delivered superior performance along with the ease of configuration and centralized management that Calpine needed to manage its far-flung network of sites. “The installation was so simple that we were able to deploy six-to-10 units per day,” said Curry.

Calpine deployed Peribit SR-50 Sequence Reducers at its two data centers and has installed more than 50 SR-20 systems at power plants and branch offices across North America. The technology is now a standard part of its WAN technology and the company plans to roll it out to more locations as they come online.

“Anytime a company’s application performance suffers due to WAN constraints, we counsel them to take a look at Peribit,” said Nick Karakulko who heads business development at I.T. Works, a Houston-based Peribit Gold Channel partner. “In this case, we showed how to decrease ERP response times by 70 to 80 percent. The Peribit solution provides an immediate boost to application performance with a strong ROI.”

“Organizations need a comprehensive application performance solution to enable transition to new network options like VPNs,” said Mike Banic, vice president of corporate marketing at Peribit Networks. “Customers like Calpine are finding that our industry-leading performance, simplicity of operation, and centralized configuration and management are all key factors that allow them to slash communications costs and increase performance.”

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