July 25, 2017
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Panix Domain Hijacked

January 17, 2005 WebProNews

Panix, an Internet service provider for the New York area, was the victim of a domain hijacking this past weekend. The attack has put the ISP in a recovery mode as they effort to restore the domain back to normal. […]

Calpine Purchased and Deploys Peribit Sequence Reducers

August 30, 2004 WebProNews

Peribit Networks announced today that Calpine has purchased and deployed Peribit Sequence Reducers. Calpine’s WAN optimization initiative, which included Peribit equipment, enabled Calpine to save $3.5 million per year in communications costs, providing a four-month ROI, and increase application performance by replacing its frame relay service with a WAN VPN service. […]

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