August 22, 2017
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Gumblar Backdoors The Internet

May 21, 2009 SecurityProNews Staff

If you were trying to think of a name for an ogre, Gumblar might be a good choice. In this case, though, we’re talking about one nasty “botnet of compromised” websites that’s gaining steam quickly and screwing with people’s Google search results. […]

McAfee Taps H-wood, the Woz, for Cybercrime Film Series

May 20, 2009 SecurityProNews Staff

McAfee launched an interesting campaign today by posting the first episode in a film series, entitled “H*Commerce: The Business of Hacking You.” The security company tapped Seth Gordon, known for the film “Four Christmases,” to create the series, which is designed to expose the techniques of international cybercriminals and how they affect people closer to home. […]

Half Of US Schools Have Battled IT Breaches

May 19, 2009 SecurityProNews Staff

In the past year, 55 percent of US K-12 school districts experienced some sort of IT breach, including unauthorized user access, hacking, or viruses, making cyber breaches nearly as prevalent as physical breaches; 67 percent reported break-ins, unauthorized building access or vandalism. […]

Most Malware Hosted On Trusted Sites

May 12, 2009 SecurityProNews Staff

As the folklore of the Web goes, one contracts a computer virus in places analogous to where one might contract certain types of real viruses: in “bad” neighborhoods one shouldn’t be in the first place. But times are changing, and though New York City cleaned up Times Square, cybercrooks are setting up shop in some of the Web’s busiest places. […]

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