August 22, 2017
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FTC Shuts Down Malicious ISP

June 5, 2009 SecurityProNews Staff

The Federal Trade Commission won a court order to shut off Internet and data center services to San Jose, Calif.-based Triple Fiber Network (, alleging the ISP was rogue network hosting and facilitating botnets, phishing sites, and child porn. […]

Time For Craigslist To Terminate Job Scammers

June 4, 2009 SecurityProNews Staff

Most security news covers security risks of the same kind-spam, viruses, email phishing-but not much is said of security risks taking other forms. Perhaps this is because most security companies, who provide much of the security information available, promote software and hardware to battle very specific types of threats. […]

Spam Spikes Big In May

May 26, 2009 SecurityProNews Staff

Over 90 percent of corporate email is spam, according to MessageLabs, reflecting a five percent increase over April. Security researchers peg the popularity of webmail and social networks, as well as CAPTCHA-breaking bots, as the chief catalysts for the recent spike. […]

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