August 22, 2017
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Mobile Hardware Security Estimated To Earn $1 Billion This Year

January 30, 2014 Sean Patterson

As the world becomes more connected, the inherent security flaws in our global network have been highlighted by security professionals, criminals, and national governments alike. With software security still struggling to stay ahead of hackers and government mandates, more and more businesses are turning to hardware-level security.

Mobile Security Industry Growth To Explode

August 29, 2013 Sean Patterson

As more of society’s computing tasks move to mobile platforms, businesses now face new security challenges. As the security industry steps up to meet these challenges, the market for mobile security will be a growth segment for years to come. Analyst firm ABI Research this week made its predictions for […]

Google Apps Improves Its Security

June 21, 2012 Sean Patterson

Google announced today that it has implemented two new security features into Google Apps. One enables tighter password verification for businesses, and the other enhances Microsoft Active Directory integration. The announcement came from Rishi Dhand, product manager for Google Apps, in a blog post over at the Official Google Enterprise Blog. […]

Yahoo Axis Private Certificate Key Leaked at Launch

May 24, 2012 Sean Patterson

Though the security issue has been resolved, Yahoo slightly botched the launch of Axis, its new mobile browser and desktop extension, by leaking its private certificate file in the source code of the Chrome extension. The private certificate was used to sign the extension, and could have been used to create a false extension that would be authenticated as officially from Yahoo. […]