July 26, 2017
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Clagger K Trojan Bucking For Amazon Users

March 20, 2006 John Stith

The ever-popular world of Trojans has another horse for the stable in the form of the Troj/Clagger-K, currently being distributed as an attachment. The email claims to come from Amazon and says the recipient will be debited over $500. […]

Google Gets A Win Against DOJ

March 20, 2006 John Stith

A federal court ruled Friday in favor of Google, protecting their ability to keep their searches private. The Justice Dept. requested information they claimed would help them in protecting an antipornography law currently being challenged in the court system. […]

Microsoft Gunning For Cybercriminals

March 20, 2006 John Stith

At a technology debate hosted by EuroISPA, the European Internet Services Providers Association, and co-sponsored by Interpol in Brussels today, Neil Holloway, president of Microsoft Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), unveiled a global law enforcement campaign that will target cybercriminals behind phishing attacks. […]

Microsoft’s New BlueHat Security Blog

March 16, 2006 John Stith

Microsoft’s just completed their third BlueHat conference and they’ve created a blog, called “BlueHat Security Briefings,” to discuss topics from the conference as well as get thoughts and ideas from those attending. The blog will also include a lot of information from Channel 9 and other Microsoft venues for purposes of their Blue Hat conferences. […]

Zippo Trojan Choose Extortion For $300

March 16, 2006 John Stith

A new virus called the Zippo Trojan is floating about the net and is demanding $300 to unencrypt data it claims to have stolen and encrypted. The Trojan goes through a user’s files and moves them into a password protected zip file. […]

House Slated to Pass Data Breach Bill

March 16, 2006 John Stith

The Financial Data and Protection Act of 2005 (HB3997) currently in the House of Representatives has some problems. The bill, supposedly meant to offer relief for consumers who’ve been victims of data breaches, is really very weak, particularly compared states laws like California’s version. In fact, some may say it offers consumers even less protection than they have now. […]

Milosevic Trojan Horse

March 15, 2006 John Stith

Recently deceased Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic became the focus of a Trojan loaded email. The message claims evidence Milosevic was killed and instead a Trojan horse leaves some horse apples in the form of Dropper-FB. […]

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