August 22, 2017
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Harry Potter Used As Mailing Exploit

February 8, 2005 Chris Richardson

The spam community never seems to miss an opportunity to trick unsuspecting users into opening and clicking what most would deem as unwanted mail. One of the more popular ways to trick unsuspecting recipients is by using misleading subject lines. […]

Was Blaster Variant Sentence Too Light?

February 2, 2005 Chris Richardson

Last week, the state of Minnesota sentenced Jeffrey Lee Parson, author of the Blaster worm variant responsible for thousands of infections. However, there is a section of the public who feel his sentence was too light. Considering the denial-of-service attacks initiated by Parson’s version of the Blaster worm, they may have a legitimate argument. […]

Congress Bill Focuses On Spyware

January 27, 2005 Chris Richardson

The US government is in the news with a bill against the makers and distributors of spyware, something long overdue, in my opinion. Hopefully, the bill can make its way through the approval process, provided it actually protects… […]

New Cell Phone Virus Discovered

January 11, 2005 Chris Richardson

F-Secure, a Finnish Internet security company, has discovered a new cell phone virus called Lasco.A. The virus spreads via Bluetooth technology and by attaching itself to files contained on mobile phones. […]

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