August 19, 2017
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New Developments On Web Security Introduced By Mozilla

August 8, 2013 Chris Richardson

Make no mistake about it, Mozilla is committed to making the web a safer place for its users. Although browser security remains somewhat dubious–all of the main browsers perform well in various security tests tests, although, questions about NSA backdoors persist–for their part, Mozilla has been very outspoken against government […]

Spyware Causes Adjustment Of Surfing Habits

July 7, 2005 Chris Richardson

While the majority of the hardcore computer users have been aware of the danger posed by malicious files found during normal web surfing exercises for some time now, the everyday Joe user may still be unaware of the concept of spyware and malware and the dangers they pose; that is, until they get infected. […]

World Cup Email Offer Contains Sober Worm

May 5, 2005 Chris Richardson

How many of you are troubled by spyware? According to a Webroot study, 88 percent of home computers are infected with different types of spyware. This percentage, which is undoubtedly higher than computers infected with viruses, indicates that spyware remains one of, if not the biggest threat to home computer users. […]

Mobile Viruses Continue To Increase

April 21, 2005 Chris Richardson

Welcome SecurityProNews Readers. In today’s issue, Jason Miller takes a look at the continuing increase of viruses targeting mobile devices. These malicious programs, which are designed to focus solely on technology powering the mobile generation, continue to increase. […]

Microsoft Issues Eight Security Updates

April 14, 2005 Chris Richardson

In today’s SecurityProNews, we take a look at a number of subjects concerning Microsoft updates, P2P lawsuits, and Microsoft lawsuits. The first subject deals with eight security-related updates issued by the Redmond company early today. […]

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