July 25, 2017

Adlex Announces Adlex Service Delivery Quality Audit

Adlex today announced the Adlex Service Delivery Quality Audit, designed for all corporations wishing to quickly assess the current quality of their service levels and determine areas that need improvement.

This 30-day audit is an easy, cost-effective way for IT executives to test the usage, performance and availability of its top business applications. By measuring service levels experienced by real customers, Adlex enables companies to determine the specific impact IT services have on business performance.

With the Adlex Service Delivery Quality Audit, CIOs and service providers can establish a baseline measurement of real service levels using Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics. QoE metrics focus on the customer experience and its impact on business results. By using these real-time measurements to gain insight into the application experience of every customer and employee, IT departments can be far more effective at supporting strategic business goals such as increasing revenue and improving customer retention.

“In addition to demands for greater resource efficiency and cost-containment, the growing expectation of business unit counterparts is for application and network services to deliver ultra-fast response times and be constantly available. This is the way that companies will improve operational efficiency, and also compete for long-term customer relationships,” said Dave Zwicker, Vice President of Marketing for Adlex. “However, many IT organizations still gauge the effectiveness of IT service delivery on operational statistics gathered from infrastructure equipment. Our audit is designed to show the benefits of measuring the actual user experience and the difference it can make to the bottom line.”

The Adlex Service Delivery Quality Audit will answer questions regarding actual service levels experienced by real customers. It will evaluate application response time and the percentage of transactions that meet response time goals. Ultimately, the audit will: — Demonstrate the increase in abandonment rates on important Web pages as their load time increases. — Determine the speed of the user’s Internet connection and the size of Web pages that contribute to poor application response time. — Map usage, availability and performance metrics to IT capacity, illustrating whether or not server and network capacity is properly sized for the volume levels and service quality experienced by the users. — Indicate where to invest for maximum improvement in service quality and operational efficiency. — Assess the coverage and accuracy of any synthetic Web site monitoring services you are currently using to simulate user experience today.

The Adlex Service Delivery Quality Audit is available today.

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