May 29, 2017

ICSA Labs Finds Flaws In New Security Products

It’s sometimes fun to be an early adopter, as the long lines and waitlists for things like iPhones and the new Camaro have proven. But where security products are concerned, do yourself a favor and let other folks go first, since a fresh report indicates that it can take more than a single try to get things right.

ICSA Labs Finds Flaws In New Security Products
ICSA Labs Finds Flaws In New Security Products

ICSA Labs, which is based in Pennsylvania and has been around for 20 years, tests and sometimes certifies products. Emphasis on “sometimes.”

An ICSA Labs Product Assurance Report indicated that just 4 percent of security products attain certification following a first round of testing. Most have to try again between one and three times before making the cut.

And it’s not guaranteed that a product will ever meet the necessary standards, either. According to ICSA Labs, only about 82 percent of products attain certification in the end, meaning about one-fifth of all applicants (and perhaps a much larger percentage of products) aren’t up to snuff.

So leave the shakedown cruises to less cautious individuals. Just repeat “patience is a virtue” a few times and read reviews while you’re waiting, and remember that things will be less likely to blow up in your face when you finally get onboard.

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