May 29, 2017

Nigeria Announces Early Results Of Anti-Scammer Initiative

No one’s sure how many there are to go, but according to a Nigerian official, there are about 800 scam email addresses and 18 criminals that can be considered “down.” Mrs. Farida Waziri, the chairperson of a government agency, announced that some shutdowns and arrests occurred thanks to an initiative called Project Eagle Claw.

Nigeria Announces Early Results Of Anti-Scammer Initiative
Nigeria Announces Early Results Of Anti-Scammer Initiative

Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is the force behind Project Eagle Claw, and with Microsoft’s help, has just started ramping it up. Waziri explained in a statement, “We expect that Eagle Claw as conceived will be 100% operational within six months and at full capacity, it will take Nigeria out of the top 10 list of countries with the highest incidence of fraudulent e-mails.”

She then gave some very interesting details, continuing, “[U]pon full deployment, the capacity to take down fraudulent e-mails will increase to 5,000 monthly. Further it is projected that advisory mails to be sent to victims and potential victims will be about 230,000 monthly.”

Anything Nigeria can do to address the problem of scammers operating from within its borders will of course be good for the country’s image. More than that, it might help honest Nigerians become part of the online world (since some entities have just taken to blocking troubled regions as a whole).

Then there will be the benefit to the rest of the world, with maybe millions of dollars not getting lost. For that reason, Project Eagle Claw is likely to gain a lot of fans.

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