May 29, 2017

Avsim Hacker (Maybe) Brought Before Cops

Perhaps people who like to spend their spare time in the cockpits of imaginary F-16s should be left alone. The man in charge of a flight simulator site that was attacked claims to have identified the hacker and forwarded information to the authorities.

Avsim Hacker (Maybe) Brought Before Cops
Avsim Hacker (Maybe) Brought Before Cops

Avsim is one of the best-known flight sim communities in existence. It’s been around for a long time, too. Unfortunately, a hacker managed to wipe about a decade’s worth of modification info and forum posts from the site’s servers back in May.

Now, though, Tom Allensworth, the publisher and CEO of Avsim, has told the BBC, “We . . . have incontrovertible evidence of the individual that performed the hack. We have protected the forensic evidence and provided that evidence to the London police. We are committed to bringing justice to bear on this case.”

Allensworth is confident in the outcome, too, adding, “We fully expect that the criminal complaint . . . will result in the perpetrator spending some time behind bars – under UK law.” (Since Avsim’s located in the US, this means he’s not pushing for extradition or anything of that sort.)

Neither London’s Metropolitan Police Service nor the accused individual (who hasn’t been publicly named) has made any comment yet.

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