May 29, 2017

Email Password Hackers Present Real Threat

The next time you have something really important to tell someone, consider whether a drive over to his or her house wouldn’t be a nice way of spending a few minutes. One reporter has found that it’s quite easy (and perhaps all too common) for people to buy email accounts’ passwords from hackers.

Email Password Hackers Present Real Threat
Email Password Hackers Present Real Threat

Tom Jackman wrote in an article for the Washington Post, “[S]ervices as are still active and plentiful, with clever names like ‘’ and ‘’ They boast of having little trouble hacking into such Web-based e-mail systems as AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook and Hotmail, and they advertise openly.”

Jackman found that prices for passwords range from around $30 to $100, which means that even the average ten-year-old can probably afford these hackers’ services.

Plus, unless someone important is involved or things get rather serious, law enforcement isn’t terribly likely to look into (or at least resolve) the matter, because accessing a computer without authorization is just a misdemeanor in most areas and tracking down a perpetrator can be difficult.

And it doesn’t help, of course, that all of these facts have now been publicized in a widely-read newspaper.

So if you’ve got some nasty business rivals or psycho exes, at least try to play it safe by changing your password often for as long as you’re in the person’s sights. Then there’s always the option of putting a few more miles on the odometer, too.

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