July 25, 2017

Bilked Canadian Blasts eBay Over $20K Loss

A car buyer lost a substantial sum after wiring money to someone he thought was the seller but turned out to be someone who hijacked the seller’s page.

Bilked Canadian Blasts EBay Over $20K Loss
Bilked Canadian Blasts EBay Over $20K Loss

While Shaqir Duraj is not alone in being scammed by auction hijacking, he probably suffered one of the biggest financial losses. He and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police attempting to investigate the crime on eBay have criticized the auction site for non-cooperation.

Duraj won a car auction in early October. Wiring payment did not result in his receiving the automobile. Upon reporting the problem to eBay, CBC News said the company referred him to law enforcement as the seller’s page had been hijacked.

But when law enforcement came back to eBay for more information, an RCMP representative accused eBay of dodging his phone calls and being uncooperative.

“They don’t want to share this intelligence,” he said in the report. “I don’t think it will be in the best interest of eBay to say that X number of Canadian consumers have been the victim of a fraud.”

Duraj may be partially at fault for wiring the money to the purported seller, something eBay routinely advises buyers not to do. A report at The Register cited an eBay spokesperson, who said Duraj wasn’t eligible for eBay’s auto buyer protection because he did not perform the payment through eBay.

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