July 25, 2017

Kiwi Finds Ripe Flaw In Windows

A partially-corrected vulnerability leaves Windows users, including people running the latest version, Vista, potentially open to attack.

No specifics have been discussed about the flaw revealed by Beau Butler at Kiwicon in New Zealand, according to a Sydney Morning Herald report. Depending on how someone’s PC has been configured would determine if it was vulnerable to the hole.

Geographical regions also seem to matter. Computers in the US are not vulnerable to the problem, but Windows installations in other parts of the world could be impacted.

Butler found 160,000 PCs in New Zealand susceptible to exploitation, as he tested the dangers of the flaw. Though he reported it to Microsoft, which regularly complains about public disclosure of unpatched flaws, he said the company did not reply.

However, Microsoft did confirm the problem to the Herald, asking that no details be published until a fix could be distributed. The problem had been addressed about five years ago, but that fix now proves incomplete.

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