July 25, 2017

Iran Blocks Google

Iranian web surfers have been unable to reach Google or its services like Gmail, thanks to active blocking by the government.

Iran Blocks Google
Iran Blocks Google

Word has been filtering out that citizens in Iran cannot reach Google or Gmail. Boing Boing picked up one blogger’s account, complete with screenshot, of this censorship.

The blogger goes by the name of Jadi and writes an English-language blog at inside Iran. Jadi tried a Google search, only to find it blocked. Others confirmed the block, along with Gmail being denied to visitors.

A report at Adnkronos Iran said the Iranian government admitted to blocking Google since Sunday:

Hamid Shahriari, the secretary of Iran’s National Council of Information, confirmed that access to the site had been denied in an interview with Mehr news agency in Tehran. Shahriari did not give any reason why the step was taken or when Iranians would be able to access Google again.

Another report on Yahoo News quoted Shahriari as saying, “I can confirm these sites have been filtered.” Blocking has been performed at national ISPs to keep visitors away from Google, Gmail, and possibly other sites.

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