July 26, 2017

Military Blocked From MySpace, YouTube

A global ban on popular websites like YouTube and MySpace takes effect today on US military networks.

Military Blocked From MySpace, YouTube
Military Blocked From MySpace, YouTube

Operational security and network performance issues have been cited as reasons for the decision to block members of the military from reaching certain websites. These sites were listed in a four-point memo issued to members of the military, and displayed on the US Forces Korea website.

The sites being blocked are as follows:


A spokesperson addressed the ban in an article on Stars & Stripes, the long-time military publication:

“We’re not passing any judgment on these sites, we’re just saying you shouldn’t be accessing them at work,” said Julie Ziegenhorn, spokeswoman for U.S. Strategic Command. “This is a bandwidth and network management issue. We’ve got to have the networks open to do our mission. They have to be reliable, timely and secure.”

Troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan will be affected by the ban. Base personnel using private Internet connections in the US and abroad can still access the listed sites.

The unclassified DoD network called NIPRNET (Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network) offers troops the ability to connect with family and friends over the Internet, along with the usual online pursuits. Image and video sharing has been a significant part of that.

This probably won’t be the last time the military bars sites from being accessed on NIPRNET. Several video options like Revver and Veoh exist. Oddly enough, the ban also cuts off the military from accessing a YouTube channel it launched containing content from Iraq.

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