August 22, 2017

Mozilla Gets Window, Formerly of Microsoft

In an effort to strengthen security, Mozilla has hired former Micosoft security executive Window Snyder.

While at Microsoft, Snyder was involved with the security of Windows 2003 as well as Windows XP SP2.

At Mozilla, Snyder will be the head of the company’s security strategy group, which was previous led by Mike Schropfer, Mozilla’s engineering vice president. IDG News Service writes:

Mozilla’s Firefox is now used by nearly 13% of Web surfers, according to Web analytics firm IE has about 86% market share, the company estimates.

At Microsoft, Snyder worked with both security consulting companies and Microsoft product teams, and one researcher gave high marks to Mozilla for the hire, saying it would help the Mozilla team focus more on security.

Between jobs at Microsoft and Mozilla, Snyder worked at Matasano Security, which was consulted for Vista security testing according to IDG.

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