July 25, 2017

Cube Said To Be Spam Zapper

The latest buzz in spam protection is around Spam Cube – an apparent cyberbug zapper. Plugged into your computer, the big square box requires no software or installation

Soon to be out of beta testing, early reviews are largely positive (meaning sold out), but there is the quiet voice in the background that says it works a little too well.

The device, when connected to your computer, is also connected to their computer, which is uses artificial intelligence to regularly update spam information. The folks at Spam Cube say there is no human operation on their end and that user filters can also be set.

It is plug and play, running in the background blocking spam from your computer’s inbox.

Running at $150, the Cube requires no subscription fee and boasts of simple installation that protects up to four computers. For an additional $52 per year, users can get “Fortune 500 level” protection for home computers through subscription to Security OnDemand.

The subscription feature makes use of McAfee and Norton Anti-Virus protection to zap worms and viruses; and Spam Cube’s own anti-phishing technology.

Engadget’s Evan Blass reports a couple of drawbacks. It has compatibility issues with non-Outlook email programs, though Spam Cube has said it will work with even web-based email.

Second, according to Blass, Spam Cube “flagged an unacceptable number of legit messages as spam.”

The device is still in beta, though, and perhaps these issues will have been resolved before it is officially available en masse.

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