July 25, 2017

19 Year Old Runs Successful Search Engine FyberSearch

Nathan Enns developed FyberSearch, a non-Google and non-Yahoo related search engine, when he was 18 years old. According to his about page, Enns “is now 19 as of March 21st and continues to be the sole owner of the web and image search engine.” He created his engine out of frustration with current non-relevant search results.

His stated goal for FyberSearch is “not to collect as many web pages as possible, although it is important for any search engine to have a lot of web pages to search through. The FyberSearch mission statement is ‘Giving You The Control’. Nathan wants you to use the advanced settings to get exactly what you want instead of hoping that FyberSearch can read minds.”

FyberSearch crawls webpages by using a personally designed spider called the FyberSpider. As of now, FyberSpider will obey The Robots Exclusion Protocol. FyberSpider will not obey The Robots META tag at this time. The current index of FyberSearch is not listed, and doesn’t appear to be very large. Although, the functionality of FyberSearch is quite usable.

FyberSearch’s SERPs contain Google AdSense ads. Google does not supply the search results though. The search result pages contain features that give users the ability to refine their searches.

Some of the options available on the SERPs are the ability to change your keyword density, a search again option using Meta tag descriptions or Meta tag keywords. Changing keyword density will alter that amount of times that FyberSearch will search the page trying to match the searched keyword. For example, changing the keyword density setting to 5 and FyberSearch will try to find your search 5 or more times in each web page.

Users can search by URL, Title, and content keywords. Enns gives this reason as to why he offers search options:

“Just a note to everyone that I am 19 and do not have enough money to buy more than a shared hosting plan for FyberSearch yet. If you search for something using the default settings there is a chance you will get unrelated results. That is why I have added some advanced features so that you can modify your search and get the results you want. After all, the FyberSearch mission statement is ‘Giving You The Control’ :)”

FyberSearch also offers search personalization. Users click over to the advanced search page. There, they can alter and save the desired settings. FyberSearch also offers an image search.

Users can also dictate when FyberSearch re-catalogs a search result. Results feature a Catalog Again Now link that, when clicked, will “cause FyberSpider to immediately catalog that URL again. The old listing will be erased and be replaced with the new data taken from the website.”

It pretty amazing that a search engine designed by a teenager (no offense Nathan:) offers features that most of the industry big dogs cannot match. Yet. Google and Yahoo have made news recently talking about some of the inclusions they would like to make to their search engines in the future. Well, at FyberSearch, the future is now.

A personal critique of mine would be to work to improve the visual layout of FyberSearch. Google’s ads should be flush against the far right side of the column, not in towards the middle. The next page graphic for the results page could be reconsidered as well. Although, cosmetic changes aside, this engine is very functional. The index could be improved, and hopefully that will happen over time.

I added some of iEntry’s sites this afternoon. The technology is there, now help him improve the content. Keep up the excellent work, Nathan.

Thanks to Andy Beal for the heads up.

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