August 22, 2017

Aleph-Naught PII Records on the Wall

August 25, 2011 Joe Purcell

Remember that old song “Aleph-Naught Bottles of Beer on the Wall”? Of course not, because it’s actually 99, but when it comes to security breaches it makes more sense to start counting down from aleph-naught. The amount of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) exposed on the internet is perhaps a never ending event, just like the song. Gabia, HSBC Korea, Epson Korea, Yale, SCMLC, ShoWorks, and RBS were all involved of data loss amounting to 433,652 records and information on one of Vanguard’s senior VPs was made public. […]

BART, UW-Milwaukee, and Shiongi

August 18, 2011 Joe Purcell

Another interesting week unfolds in the cyber world. The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Police were prey to a data breach likely in retaliation to questionable actions taken by the organization. In addition, a server containing 75,000 records at UW-Milwaukee was found with malware. And last, but not least, a disgruntled IT employee who was recently fired by Shionogi dealt a significant blow to their business. […]

The Cyberwar Unfolds

August 4, 2011 Joe Purcell

The Intel-owned company McAfee released a report (cached) on Operation Shady RAT. The report covers an ongoing investigation of targeted attacks against over 70 global companies and governments over the last five years which is a cyberwar unfolding. […]