July 25, 2017

Bot Battlers Bruised By Botnets

January 31, 2007 David Utter

The scary part of bot infestations running on millions of PCs connected to the Internet comes from the revelation that sometimes the bot herders work cooperatively rather than competitively. […]

NEC To Seal Out VoIP Spit

January 29, 2007 David Utter

NEC Corporation claims to have a new technology called VoIP SEAL that can prevent Spam over Internet Technology (SPIT) through the use of a Turing test to detect spam-generated calls. […]

MySpace Asked GoDaddy To Drop SecLists

January 26, 2007 David Utter

At the request of MySpace, domain registrar GoDaddy removed DNS records for SecLists.org after the security site published a list of 56,000 MySpace usernames and passwords that has been circulating the Internet. […]

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