July 25, 2017

This USB Will Self-Destruct

March 31, 2006 SecurityProNews Staff

Authenex, provider of authentication e-security applications, announced the release of the v4 A-Key token, a driverless USB storage device can be taken anywhere and used on any PC without installation. The device is designed to “self-erase” if an unauthorized person tries to access it. […]

Some Would Rather Fix Than Prevent

March 31, 2006 SecurityProNews Staff

A recent report reveals that more companies would rather spend money cleaning up the aftermath of an attack on their network security than deal with it proactively. The report, from CSO Magazine Security Sensor, states that security education is now only the third most important priority for security chiefs this year, due to the costs associated. […]

Gutting Phishers With PIRT

March 30, 2006 David Utter

The nascent Phishing Incident Reporting and Termination project sponsored by CastleCops and Sunbelt Software encourages people to report phishing attempts so they can be tracked down and terminated. […]

YouTube Pops A Cap In Infringement

March 29, 2006 David Utter

Users of the video sharing website have been gleefully posting all kinds of entertaining video content for others to see; unfortunately, quite a bit of that content has not been shared with the express consent of copyright holders for those works. […]

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